Week 1: The promise of roast potatoes

— 1 minute read

  • The weblog has a new look! I have used Andy Bell and friends' Hylia theme. I'm hoping the Netlify CMS integrations will make the weeknote habit stick.
  • Wordpress was considered but finding a minimalist theme for it was very difficult. Most of them have massive instagram style pictures for posts.
  • I have started using TypeScript in production 🎉. Typing GraphQL API responses got a bit involved.
  • A friend has convinced me to sign up to the Dragon Ride in South Wales. We are doing the Gran Fondo route. The only thing getting me to the end is the promise of roast potatoes along the way.
  • The next cycling adventure is around the Chilterns. I'm finding routes from books are much better than what I've been plotting myself, the authors keep you away from busier roads.
  • My new bike still hasn't arrived.
  • It's always DNS except for when it's cache.
  • Today (Friday) I learned that Number.prototype.toFixed() returns a string. And this is why.