Week 14: the ultimate combination

— 1 minute read

Simon P didn't send me any articles this week, sorry Alex.

The ultimate combination of sweets for on the bike: Candy Kittens Shox and dried mango. Shove handfuls into your face at a rate of 60-80 grams per hour.

Tubeless tyres are one of the biggest cons going in bikes. My rear wheel didn't seal on the road and hasn't sealed the two times I've topped up the sealant since getting home. The hole is tiny. Save yourself the effort and throw tubes in.

I've started reading The Staff Engineer's Path. The start takes you through drawing out maps of your organisation. It's an incredibly useful activity I wish I'd done a year ago and will repeat in any future positions. I'm going to read The Manager's Path next to really put myself on the fence with deciding what I want to do with my life.