Week 15: cute, sharp, and incontinent

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The puncture sealed after the third attempt but I'm standing by my feelings about tubeless tyres. Making the hole bigger seemed to help.

OS maps has a very loose definition of what a path is - note to self: watch those contour lines. Megan will need a bit of convincing before coming on our next hike. This was our route if you're ever near Tryfan/Ogwen Cottage and fancy a big day out. I have editted in a diversion around the hair raising descent we took down Glyder Fach.

A view of a valley going down to water with land on the other side. The sky is blue with clouds on the edges of the image showing the view is brief before the cloud cover returns. There is green grass in the foreground.
A view North to Anglesey from the path going up the East side of Y Garn from Ogwen Cottage

We are in Snowdonia this weekend staying in a quarryman's cottage. The doorframes are very low and I'm having to remember to stoop through them. This has resulted in several solid thwacks to the head. Being tall might help on Hinge but it can't be worth the ever present threat of smashing your head into doorframes.

The purpose of this trip is to meet some Duck Tolling Retriever puppies, which were the strangest mix of cute, sharp, and incontinent.

Three toller puppies being stroked with a fully grown toller dog in the background sat in her crate. One of the puppies is trying to nibble the fingers of the person stroking them.
Fluffy little nibblers