Week 2: Licking cardboard

— 1 minute read

  • Maltodextrin really does taste like licking carboard. Mack warned me about this but I don't think you can be prepared for quite how bad it is.
  • I am on my turbo as much as I can tolerate in preparation for the Dragon Ride in late September.
  • Turns out setting the publish date in the future in Netlify doesn't mean that the post will publish itself.
  • I spent the end of this week in North Wales which is the best place on the planet. There was a lot of cave exploring and a secret waterfall. There was also a lot of "wait... which way was the exit again?".

Me at the entrance to a cave.
The entrance to a cave.

  • Transport for Wales decided to do works this weekend so no cycling. I will be back to tick off the top 100 climbs around Snowdonia.

  • Ordnance Survey have an exceptional app. £25 a year and you have everything. Highly recommend.