Week 22: straight to the pub

— 1 minute read

I didn't realise how much my life would revolve around the bowel movements of an animal. If the dog goes to the loo it's straight to the pub, swift pint each, back home to do it all again.

A picture of me holding Rosie, the dog, in a sling whilst drinking a pint in a pub.
It's a VERY swift pint with the dog so young.

I'm going to Staff Plus London this year. It's a conference I've wanted to go to for a while but covid scuppered my attempt to attend when I worked at the Financial Times. The tickets are an obscene price which I'm not paying, thankfully.

The fear has well and truly hit me for the Dragon Ride this year. I'm a month behind training and there's no sign of any former fitness returning. It isn't going to be a pleasant day out.

Coldplay is on heavy rotation at the moment, I can only apologise.