Week 24: the shipping forecast

— 1 minute read

It's remarkable that the latest version of the Sonos mobile apps has been allowed into production. The reviews on the app stores, Reddit, and Twitter are spectacularly bad.

The biggest problem I'm having is needing to play sound in a specific room then move it to the devices I want once I've hit play. This would be tolerable if the specific room wasn't the bedroom my partner is sleeping in and the music I want was the shipping forecast for the dog at five in the morning.

I noticed that casting from Pocket Casts instead of playing from the Pocket Casts Sonos plugin gives you lower quality audio so I'm hoping they fix things soon.

The dog can go out for walks now which is game changing, a solution to the zoomies! She is also starting to chew everything in sight a bit less. Just in time for teething.