Week 25: No one cares what your name is

— 2 minute read

There is a whole dog owner social etiquette that I'm getting used to. So far I have learnt that:

  • No one cares what your name is and we all remember the name of our dogs. I told someone my name by accident and was corrected on this.

  • You must find out whether a dog is good with puppies or not before approaching.

    • Upon discovering a dog is not good with puppies running away is not recommended.
  • Every now and then someone will blank you so completely you'll wonder whether you exist.

  • It is assumed that if you're a couple with a dog you're married.

We bought a dog backpack.

A picture of a puppy in a rucksack being carried by a man (me!). It is raining.

First Scrubs watch through in a while has begun, it's great still finding jokes that I've missed the first hundred times I watched it. Ted's band is still a highlight, this is their best song by far.

I went to the Oval to watch England's final T20 game before the World Cup. Mark Wood and Jofra Archer are different gravy. The pace is unbelieveable.

I have declared unread email bankruptcy.