Week 7 - Got to fail a few times before you succeed.

— 1 minute read

  • Day 6: Turns out if you're making yourself an integer indexed hashmap you should just use an array.

  • Day 6: Arrays in Rust have a great rotate_left method to shuffle the entries around. It's brilliant.

  • Day 8: I'm discovering there is no shame in looking up the odd answer. Got to fail a few times before you succeed.

  • Day 9: I had completely forgotten about &mut, or mutable references, arguments to functions. Once a colleague mentioned these I was able to turn my iterative solution into a recursive one.

  • Day 10: The difficulty of yesterday resulted in a JavaScript solution today.

  • Day 11: Back to recursion and a successful Rust answer with parts borrowed from day 9!

  • Day 12: This is incredibly hard and I'm now ill. Advent of code may need to wait a while.